Oct 3, 2023

Contribute to the Energy Modelling Hub (EMH) Annual Survey 2023


Dear Members of Canada’s Energy Modelling Community,

We are excited to extend our warmest invitation to participate in our Annual Survey for 2023.

As valued contributors to the Canadian energy modelling ecosystem, your insights are crucial to shaping the future of energy modelling. The EMH Annual Survey is a cornerstone of our collaborative efforts to foster knowledge-sharing and collaboration among model developers, modellers, and model users across Canada.

Who Should Participate?

To ensure that your survey experience is tailored to your role and expertise, we have categorized the survey into three distinct paths:

Model Developers:

If you are responsible for creating and maintaining energy models from scratch or modifying existing models to improve their accuracy or expand their capabilities, please follow this link

** If you are both a model developer and a modeller, we invite you to complete the “modeller” survey below, allowing you to add a model to the inventory. **


If you use energy models created by model developers for analysis, simulations, and decision-making purposes, working with model inputs and interpreting outputs to derive valuable insights, please follow this link

Model Result Users (active or potential):

If you rely on the outputs, results and insights derived from energy models to make informed choices and decisions related to energy policy, planning, and investments, please follow this link


Time Commitment:

We value your time and have designed the survey to be efficient. It should take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Please note that the survey will close on Friday, Novembrer 3, 2023, at 5 p.m. If you have any questions or require assistance during the survey process, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Your inquiries and feedback are highly valued. Thank you for your cooperation.

The Energy Modelling Hub Team