Jun 12, 2023

Atlantic Canadian Conference on Energy System Modelling – June 12, 2023

Atlantic Canadian policymakers, businesses, and households are confronted with many “what if” questions about the future of our region’s energy system. Energy system models can provide the structure and transparency needed to explore these questions and to enable informed and inclusive decision-making on the path to net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

In this context, Net Zero Atlantic (NZA) and the Energy Modelling Hub (EMH) invite you to join us in Halifax, Nova Scotia on June 12th and 13th, 2023 for the first regional Atlantic Canadian Energy System Modelling Conference. With a focus on bringing theory to practice, the conference will feature presentations, panels, and workshops that will explore how energy system modelling can support Atlantic Canada’s transition to net zero greenhouse gas emissions. Bringing together policymakers, business leaders, researchers, and energy system modelers from across Atlantic Canada and beyond, the Forum will 1) help to enable regional collaboration around energy system planning and 2) integrate Atlantic Canada with the national energy system modelling community.

Day 1 of the event will feature several thematic speaker sessions with a focus on critical, current energy system topics in Atlantic Canada including: hydrogen, interregional transmission, distributed energy resources, population growth, and more.

On Day 2, NZA and EMH will facilitate a series of panels and workshops to 1) help Forum attendees put energy system modelling insights into practice and 2) define next steps for the energy system modelling community in Atlantic Canada.

Access the summary report here.