Dec 20, 2023

Call for applications to participate in a Canadian Multi-Model Comparison Forum- Deadline January 19th, 2024

The Energy Modelling Hub (EMH) is organizing a series of multi-model comparison workshops, aimed at fostering open comparison of model results and methodologies. This initiative is key in identifying data and modeling practice gaps and opportunities, and will serves as a platform for knowledge exchange among modellers, policymakers, and other stakeholders. The Forum targets model developers and modellers, with the inclusion of model users as observers.

Read more about this Call for application here. 

And download the project description here.

Proposal can be submitted directly via this form.


  • Dec 18th, 2023: Launch of the Call for Applications
  • Jan 19th, 2024: Deadline for Answering the Call for Applications
  • January 2024: Selection of Group Leads and Formation of Steering Committees
  • Jan 26th, 2024: Notification of Funding to the Selected Teams
  • First Week of Feb 2024: Kick-off Meetings for the Different Working Groups
  • January to May/June 2024: Development and Execution of Models by Participating Groups. Regular Touchpoints for Sharing Interim Results and Discussion
  • May/June 2024: Hosting of the Final Multi-model Comparison Forum for Result Comparison and Discussion
  • Post-June 2024: Potential Repetition of the Process if Necessary
  • Later in 2024: Publication of Scientific Papers Based on the Outcomes (Depending on Relevance)