Dec 15, 2022

EMH 2022 Annual Forum – Dec 14-15, 2022

Diverse, durable, decarbonized and doubled (at least): the future of Canada’s electricity grid

Bridging the gap between modelling tools and needs to enable realistic evidence-based pathways, policies and actions

Canada is embarking on a major transformation—a generational shift in its energy system to meet its climate objectives. The scale of the challenge facing Canadians is enormous, as Canada has committed to a net-zero grid by 2035 while having to meet what will likely be a 50% surge in electricity consumption over the next decade. Tackling it in a transparent, evidence-based and inclusive manner could lead to more effective pathway identification and decision-making at all levels of government. But how fit for purpose are our current tools and models in the context of accelerating change and uncertainty? What are the barriers? And what are the solutions to better support evidence-based policymaking?

The Energy Modelling Hub (EMH), a pan-Canadian boundary organization that ensures the development of, maintains and makes accessible energy models and brings together public policymakers and energy modelling communities, is proud to invite you to its first Annual Forum. Through a series of keynote presentations, panels and workshops, the event will provide opportunities for exchanges between modellers and policymakers as it aims to identify common challenges and solutions when using models to support policymaking in the context of the decarbonization and upgrade of Canada’s power grid.

The Forum’s focus on electricity systems is a first step in a broader EMH-led conversation between policymakers, stakeholders and modellers to strengthen Canada’s energy modelling and support the transformation of the nation’s energy system in the coming decades. The questions, issues and needs raised during the discussions will be further developed and considered within the community through various means over the next few years.

You can access the summary report here.