Mar 29, 2023

Net Zero Modelling Worskshop – Calgary & Ottawa – March 28, 2023


Bridging Gaps: A Deep Dive into Energy Modelling for a Net Zero Future

On March 28th, 2023, a collaborative workshop unfolded in Ottawa and Calgary, seamlessly connected via video conferencing. Hosted at the iconic National Arts Centre in Ottawa and the strategic location of the University of Calgary’s Downtown Campus, the event carved out a common ground for modellers and stakeholders to dissect and deliberate on the essence of energy modelling in steering Canada towards a net-zero emissions trajectory by 2050.

As the Canadian energy apparatus undergoes a seismic transformation, the workshop shone a light on the imperative of evolving our modelling paradigms to aptly capture the intricacies of this transition. The day was a rich tapestry of insights, opening with a structured discourse that unveiled the strengths, weaknesses, and potential of systemic models employed today. Experienced modellers from a blend of private and governmental spheres, representing entities like ECCC, Navius, Pembina, SSG Coop, and ESMIA, took center stage to share their seasoned perspectives.

Read the summary report here.