Open-Source Models for Policy Insights

Welcome to our Open-Source Models section. We are dedicated to supporting the development, maintenance, and accessibility of a curated collection of high-quality open-source models. Explore our selection and harness the power of collaborative modeling for impactful insights and sustainable solutions.
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Production cost and economic dispatch framework

The Strategic Integration of Large-capacity Variable Energy Resources (SILVER) model is a production cost and economic dispatch framework developed to both analyze electricity grids and explore network scenarios with high variable renewable energy capacity.

Capacity expansion and planning framework

The Canadian Opportunities for Planning and Production of Electricity Resources (COPPER) model is a capacity expansion and planning framework for the electric grid. The framework is a multi-period, optimization-based capacity expansion model specifically designed for the Canadian context.

The Building Decarbonization Alliance Open-Source Model

The Building Decarbonization Alliance presents the Building Decarbonization Alliance Open-Source Model (BDA-OSM), a tool dedicated to assessing the decarbonization of Canada’s residential, commercial, and institutional buildings, both new and existing. Designed for policymakers, the BDA-OSM evaluates the effects of various building decarbonization strategies across Canada’s diverse regions. It encompasses residential, multi-residential, and commercial buildings nationwide. The model provides detailed results at national and provincial levels, with its scope and granularity set to expand over time.