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The Energy Modelling Hub serves as both a technology platform and a services hub. Our tech platform provides a storage solution for models and data, offering a standardized format, scenario storage, and worflow management As a services hub, we offer convening activities, capacity building initiatives, modelling services, and model support and maintenance. Together, we foster collaboration, knowledge transfer, seamless execution of models, and reliable support, empowering stakeholders to drive impactful change in the energy sector.
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Convening Activities

Our convening services provide a platform for fostering collaboration and driving impactful change. We bring together diverse stakeholders from various sectors, creating an inclusive space for meaningful discussions and knowledge exchange. Whether you’re looking to tackle complex challenges, develop partnerships, or strengthen community relationships, the EMH provides the platform for impactful engagement and collective action through its diverse set of convening activities such as:

  • A yearly national forum in Ottawa
  • Regional workshops
  • Modelling workshops
  • The work of our thematic committees
Capacity building & Training

Our capacity building and training services empower individuals and organizations with valuable expertise and skills. We offer a comprehensive range of interactive and practical programs tailored to your specific needs. Our experienced trainers deliver engaging workshops, seminars, and hands-on sessions that facilitate the transfer of knowledge. As part of our commitment to knowledge transfer, we provide access to 

  • a wealth of resources including reports, 
  • case studies
  • Online tutorial
  • and technical documentation.

These resources serve as valuable references to enhance learning and enable practical application. Whether you’re looking to upskill your team, address specific knowledge gaps, or stay updated on industry trends, our knowledge transfer and training services equip you with the necessary tools for success

Modelling Services

Our “Modelling Services” offer a seamless solution for stakeholders seeking energy models without the need for extensive time or expertise. We understand the complexities of interpreting these models and analyzing their outcomes. With our service, we bridge the gap by executing the models on your behalf, leveraging your data and assumptions. Our team of experts ensures accurate and reliable model runs, providing comprehensive results for your evaluation. By handling the technical aspects, we empower you to focus on interpreting outcomes and crafting impactful reports. With your inputs and our energy modelling expertise, we deliver actionable insights to inform your decision-making process.

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Model Support and Maintenance

Our “Model Support  and Maintenance” services is dedicated to providing seamless management and support for open-source models and datasets. 

Through its Open-source modelling Platform, the EMH offers modellers a seamless and efficient solution for storing and connecting their models. The service includes the following activities:

  • Support for implementing an open-source approach
  • Establishing a standard format for inputs and outputs
  • Creating connections between native input formats and the data store
  • Developing a process for storing multiple scenarios within the workflow
  • Providing data and scenario storage capabilities
  • Acting as a repository for data and scenarios
  • Offering comprehensive documentation for future users
  • Handling the environment through SPINE Workflow management
  • Benefits of building complex scenarios and managing different environments
  • Access to existing or in-development visualization platforms like IDEA

With our Open-Source Platform service, modellers gain enhanced efficiency, flexibility, and accessibility while leveraging robust scenario-building capabilities and seamless integration with visualization tools.