Energy 2020

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ENERGY 2020 is an integrated multi-region energy model that provides a complete and detailed simulation of supply and demand sectors for all types of fuels. Energy 2020 can encompass the entire North America and produce results for 1990-2050.

Energy 2020 is a bottom-up end-use energy model that in combination with a top-down macroeconomic model forms ECCC’s integrated hybrid modeling framework Energy, Emissions and Economy Model for Canada (E3MC). Energy 2020 is a partial equilibrium simulation model with an integrated regional, multi-sector energy analysis system that simulates energy supply, price and demand across thirty-five detailed fuel types.



GHG and air pollutant projections and mitigation policies, including carbon-pricing, coal-based electricity generation phase-out, feed-in-tariffs, vehicle regulations, building retrofits, industrial energy programs.


SSI, Environment & Climate Change Canada, NRCan, Canadian Energy Regulator (CER) and other federal and provincial government organizations

Intrants clés

Historic energy, energy prices, capital costs, efficiency levels, emission factors, investments, wholesale & end-use prices, GDP and population;

Projected wholesale prices, GDP and population

Extrants clés

Projected energy, energy prices, electric generation, GHG emissions, air pollutant emissions.

Energy demand, electricity supply.

Variations in the production of energy by each energy source.