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Aug 06-07, 2024
Modelling to Support Net-Zero Planning: A Course for Non-Modellers
Sep 10, 2024
Markets vs. Public Power Systems: Meeting Canada’s Net-Zero Electricity Goals
Oct 03, 2024
Energy Innovation Forum Canada 2024
Banff, AB
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2024 Atlantic Canadian Conference on Energy System Modelling
Call for applications to participate in a Canadian Multi-Model Comparison Forum- Deadline January 19th, 2024

The EMH at a Glance

We support and facilitate access to energy models and modellers from across Canada and associated open-source and FAIR – Findable Accessible Interoperable and Reusable – data. We also contribute to the development of independent modelling capacity, the establishment of relationships with other orders of government, and we provide resources to facilitate collaboration on net zero modelling and analysis.​

Convening and Communication
We mobilize, consolidate and disseminate knowledge for the benefits of the energy modelling community of users and modellers. We also collect and maintain a public repository of relevant ressources and models.
Training and Connecting
We connect modellers and policymakers across Canada to bridge the gap between data and policy, and we aim to increase the understanding of model usage through tools, training, and knowledge transfer.
Facilitating Access to Models, Data and Expertise
We support the development and maintenance of and access to a selection of quality open-source models and datasets. We advance FAIR data principles to enable the Canadian energy modelling community of practice. We also enable interconnection of models to obtain the most comprehensive, cross-sector, techno-economic analysis possible.
Our Founding Partners
We are a national network of energy
modellers, researchers and policymakers
that was created to guide the transformation
of our complex energy systems.
Model Support and Maintenance
Our "Model Support and Maintenance" services ensure seamless management and reliable support for open-source models and datasets.
Modeling Services
Our "Modeling Services" offer a seamless solution for stakeholders seeking energy models without the need for extensive time or expertise.
Convening Activities
Our 'Convening Services' play a vital role as a catalyst for collaboration, uniting federal and provincial energy policy makers with energy modelling experts.
Capacity Building & Training
Our capacity building initiatives drive knowledge transfer and skill development for modellers, policy makers, and stakeholders.
Discover our Models & Tools
Models and Experts Inventory
Our "Models and Experts Inventory" is a comprehensive collection of energy models, primed for exploration and utilization. It serves as an invaluable resource for researchers, policymakers, and industry professionals in the energy sector.
Open-Source Tools
Explore our open-source tool section to access cutting-edge energy models, comprehensive datasets, and intuitive visualization tools. Empower yourself with the resources needed to make informed decisions, gain valuable insights, and contribute to the advancement of sustainable energy solutions.
Documentation Centre
Delve into our Documentation Centre to access a wealth of technical information and resources.
Stay connected with our dynamic Community Call section, your gateway to ongoing and upcoming calls from the Energy Modelling Hub (EMH). Regularly visit this section to stay informed about exciting opportunities to participate, collaborate, and contribute to the energy modeling community.