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Matthew Hansen is a Technical Specialist for the Energy Outlooks Team at the Canada Energy Regulator. During his 11 year career with the CER, he has worked as an analyst, project manager, and technical lead for the CER’s flagship publication Canada’s Energy Future, a long-term outlook of future energy supply and demand trends in Canada. Matthew graduated from the University of Alberta in 2008 with a MA in Economics.

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No specific policies but future uncertainties which may involve policies (such as increasing carbon prices renewable adoption).


1) As an input to long-term projections for Canadian energy, the main output is the “Canada’s Energy Future” series of reports.

2) To analyze our main projections, to provide addition detail or granularity (such as hourly dispatch to compliment annual generation/capacity projections).

3) Additional analysis on relevant topics.

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Crude oil flows,transportation costs

Energy 2020

As part of the CER’s Energy Futures Modeling System,Energy demand,electricity supply


Electricity Capacity,Electricity Generation,Hourly Dispatch