May 23, 2023

Introduction to SILVER and COPPER – Webinar – May 23, 2023

The EMH would like to give the community a high-level presentation on the COPPER and SILVER frameworks and explain the implications of their open-source release. The EMH will be hosting a webinar on May 23, 2023 with the current developers of both frameworks. The developers will present the audience with a general overview of each framework including their structure and purpose, as well as explain the main advantages for their open-source release. In addition, the presenters will share real-world examples of how the models have been applied to analyze various scenarios and inform decision-making processes. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussions with the presenters and other participants. Whether you are an academic researcher, a policy maker, or a professional in the energy industry, this webinar will provide you with valuable insights and tools to help you navigate the transition to a zero-emission future.

View the recording here.

Access SILVER and COPPER here.