Open-source tools

Welcome to our Open-Source Tools section, your gateway to a wealth of resources. Explore our diverse offerings, including access to open-source models, comprehensive datasets, powerful visualization tools, and the EMH modelling platform. Empower your energy modelling journey and drive meaningful impact with our cutting-edge tools.
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Welcome to our Open-Source Models section. We are dedicated to supporting the development, maintenance, and accessibility of a curated collection of high-quality open-source models. Explore our selection and harness the power of collaborative modeling for impactful insights and sustainable solutions.


Discover our Open Datasets section, where we provide a curated collection of datasets aligned with FAIR principles – Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable. Access valuable data resources, enabling seamless integration and empowering evidence-based decision-making.

Visualization tools

Explore our Visualization Tools section, where you can access powerful resources for data exploration and analysis. Dive into real modeling projects that incorporate cutting-edge visualization tools, enabling you to gain valuable insights and drive informed decision-making through immersive visual experiences. Unleash the potential of data visualization in energy modeling and beyond.

Access to EMH modeling platform

Access our Modelling Platform, a dynamic integrated tool facilitating normalized and version-controlled data, models, and tools. Unlock the power of soft coupling between models, datasets, and tools for seamless collaboration and enhanced energy modeling capabilities.