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E3ME-FTT-GENIE is an integrated assessment simulation model.

E3ME is a highly disaggregated demand-led macroeconometric model of the global economy, covering the world in 61 regions/countries, 43 industrial sectors, 22 users of fuels. It models comprehensively the demand for energy by fuel users and value added in all industrial sectors. The model estimates global greenhouse gas emissions from fuel use and industrial activities.
FTT is an evolutionary model of technology dynamics and diffusion, covering 24 power generation technologies, 25 road transport technologies, 13 household technologies and 25 steel-making methods. The model tracks the evolution over time of fleets of technologies.
GENIE is a full earth system model of intermediate complexity, covering the carbon cycle and climate system.


Climate policy, energy policy, impacts of policy on labour markets, macroeconomics


European Commission, UK government, other governments, IRENA, OPEC

Intrants clés

Detailed policy (carbon price, subsidies, taxes, regulations, procurement, mandates) in energy, power generation, transport, heating, industry

Extrants clés

Global emissions, GDP, value added, employment, sectoral output, energy demand/supply, oil price, bilateral trade