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The Integrated Land Use, Transportation, Environment (ILUTE) model system is an agent-based microsimulation model for the greater Toronto–Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, area. The model system uses disaggregate models of spatial socioeconomic processes to evolve the state of the greater Toronto–Hamilton area from a known base case to a predicted end state in 1-year time steps. ILUTE Model System can produce multi-decade forecasts for Metropolitan urban regions.


Miller, E.J., B. Farooq, F. Chingcuanco and D. Wang, “Historical Validation of an Integrated Transport – Land Use Model System”, Transportation Research Record, Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2255, 2011, pp. 91-99.


generate long-term forecasts of urban region demographics, household residential locations, firm and employment locations, demographics, auto ownership

Intrants clés

Zoning, other land use policies, macro-economic indicators (interest rates, in/out migration rates), energy prices

Extrants clés

population distributions, employment distributions, auto ownership distributions, demographic distributions, real estate prices