Saskatchewan Adoption of CGE

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A CGE model from a typical Canadian province perspective has been first developed and applied to the Province of Saskatchewan, to explore the impacts of a carbon tax on the socio-economic system and support the application of a carbon tax. This adoption has been applied to British Colombia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan. Results have been produced for 2011-2015.


Liu, L., Huang, C. Z., Huang, G., Baetz, B., & Pittendrigh, S. M. (2018). How a carbon tax will affect an emission-intensive economy: A case study of the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada. Energy, 159, 817-826,


carbon tax, GHG emission forecast, economic growth forecast, carbon pricing


Policy makers across all levels of government (federal, provincial, municipal, indigenous, etc.)

Intrants clés

IO table, social accounting matrix, carbon tax scenarios

Extrants clés

direct and indirect socio-economic impacts of a carbon tax, GDP changes, GHG emissions reduction