Smart Residential Load Simulator (SRLS)

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The SRLS is a tool developed under the auspices of The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) that facilitates the study of energy management systems in smart grids based on Matlab-Simulink-GUIDE toolboxes. This provides a complete set of user-friendly graphical interfaces to properly model and study smart appliances, as well as wind and solar sources of power generation, and a battery energy storage system, in residential houses. This freeware platform can be a useful tool for researchers and educators to validate and demonstrate models for residential energy management and optimization, and can also be used by residential customers to model and understand energy consumption profiles in households.


Power grids, microgrids, active distribution networks, demand response, demand side management, smart grids


academia, utilities, industry

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household, appliances, renewable generation, storage, energy prices

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household demand, energy costs