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Violette Berge is Vice-President at Artelys Canada Inc. in Montreal. After completing two parallel Masters of Science in applied mathematics and operations research, Violette oriented her work on energy systems modelling, forecast and optimization. Within her work at Artelys Canada, she has led several projects for important players of the energy domain (private power generators, integrated utilities and public institutions). She has worked on complex and diverse topics, including hydropower models development for Brookfield Renewable, a project in which she conducted most of the modelling work of both hydropower assets and market structures. She has analyzed power market prices for PJM including regulation, electricity and reserve for day-ahead and intraday markets. In addition, Violette has worked on other various topics, such as regulatory studies for gas distribution rate design or flexibility remuneration mechanisms within PJM and other jurisdictions. Violette has headed the Montreal office of Artelys for the past 2 years, and has successfully managed several significant projects, including reports for the Quebec Energy Board with Energir, Quebec’s gas distributor. In continuity, she currently manages and coordinates a 2 ½ year R&D project for Artelys Canada co-financed by the National Research Council Canada on North American power markets modelling, with a focus on nodal pricing.

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