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Here, you will find a wealth of technical documentation, including detailed guides for energy models, data exchange formats, and comprehensive documentation standards.
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Technical Documentation

Our Technical Documentation section is your comprehensive resource for accessing, downloading, installing, and running our open-source models. It provides in-depth technical information, including model methodologies, step-by-step guides, and troubleshooting tips. Empower yourself with the knowledge to effectively utilize our models and drive impactful energy modeling outcomes.


Our Guidelines section is a valuable repository of essential guidance for various aspects of energy modeling. Explore our open-sourcing guidelines, data exchange format guidelines, API usage best practices, and comprehensive documentation guidelines. Empower yourself with standardized naming conventions, effective data documentation, and adherence to data exchange formats. Drive excellence in energy modeling through these essential guidelines and promote seamless collaboration across the modeling community.

Training Material

Welcome to our Training Material section, your gateway to a wealth of resources for building capacity and expanding your knowledge. Explore our tutorials, training documentation, and curated links to other valuable learning resources. Empower yourself with the tools and insights needed to excel in energy modeling and drive impactful change.